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Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and other funny stuff.

Hello and welcome. My name is Tim Russell and I am the President of "Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and Other Funny Stuff Research Institute" of Ardmore Alabama. My Institute examines claims made by top Hyper Preterists such as Don K Preston. I have been on another hiatus for a while. I am working on a new article in my head and I am also going to set up a better audio and maybe even a video studio for my You Tube Channel. Don K Preston is stuck in an infinite loop on the Olivet Discourse, specifically Matthew twenty five thirty one and following. Unil that Kool Aide jug is finished he will not move on. He got kicked out of his old office space and begged his audience to help build him a new one on his property. Nice huh? Any of you willing to send me money to build a new building for my "Research Institute"?  I know a place down the road from me that sells mini houses that would make me a great "Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and Other Funny Stuff Research Institute" office building. If y'all would donate to me I could write three to five books a month too like Preston, right Don?  Also, a little birdy told me Don K is using Bots as suscribers on his You Tube channel. Is that true Dr. Don?

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