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Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and other funny stuff.

Hello and welcome. My name is Tim Russell and I am the President of "Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and Other Funny Stuff Research Institute" of Ardmore Alabama. My Institute examines claims made by top Hyper Preterists such as Don K Preston, who just happens to be the President of Preterists Research Institute of Ardmore Oklahoma. Most of my examinations gets me blocked or banned from Hyper Preterist's blogs and pages so I created my research institute web page so I can post my articles on Facebook and let my friends know who has a fake PhD and things like that. I remember saying to myself "I sure would like to start a research institute". A friend of mine, or a bug in my ear, or my imagination, or one of the voices in my head, told me to get a computer, an internet provider, a camera if needed, and learn to use Google and go for it. I took it's, their, them's, or whatever or whoever's advice and low and behold, that's all there was to it. I used to couldn't spell "institute" now I are one. Just like Don, I set up a room in my house and call it my "office".  I have to share with the dog and the vacuum cleaner, drums, and such, but hey, I have my very own research institute. Also, like Don, I don't have a PhD ner nuthin either. 

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