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Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and other funny stuff.

Hello and welcome. My name is Tim Russell and I am the President of "Hyper Preterism, Honorary Doctorates, and Other Funny Stuff Research Institute" of Ardmore Alabama. My Institute examines claims made by top Hyper Preterists such as Don K Preston, who just happens to be the President of Preterists Research Institute of Ardmore Oklahoma. My research has shown (my research being YouTube and Facebook), Isaiah 66 is on the radar for most hyper preterists lately, for some unknown reason other than they feed off each other. If one mentions a book, chapter, or verse then they all seem to flock together like buzzards on a roadkill. I do need to get back to my site. Lately spare time from working has been dedicated to doing things with the kids and grandkids. Besides, these hyper preterists don't seem to be making any more progress than Harold Camping made during his later years. Think of it though, if all things are fulfilled as hyper preterist claim, they actually have no gospel left. Heaven is on earth, so they claim, and if you're a Christian you are in Heaven dwelling with God. All you can really hope for is a painless physical death. And that is why so many hyper preterist reach their doctrine's logical conclusion and become disgruntled atheists.

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